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Tribal Impressions
by Andreas Achmann, Munich

Our current exhibition Tribal Impressions is dedicated to a photo project of Andreas Achmann, a munich photographer and passionate collector of African Art. He took photos of outstanding sculptures from Africa an Oceania partly in his studio and partly in their actual setting. Like the sculptures themselves his photos are subjective and an expression of the perceived, they are both result of a creative process. 

As during the exhibition in Paris the photos of the sculptures and the sculptures themselves, some of them being in private collections since decades, are brought face to face. So the visitor has the possibility of finding not only the photographers point of view but also to form his own view of these fascinating primordially cultures.

The photos are printed in an edition of three and signed by Andreas Achmann. Twelve of them have been published as Calendar "Tribal Impressions 2012" to accompany the exhibition.